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Why I Need a Lawyer

As a profession, lawyers are hard working, knowledgeable, and honest professionals that look out for the best interest of their clients. Much like other professionals with an area of expertise, a lawyer is an important profession that provides a great service to the public.

Many of us have a family doctor or keep a handyman on call, a lot of people feel that having a lawyer is an admission of guilt or a sign that something is wrong or even a indication that someone has intentions for trouble or doing something unlawful that might tangle them in legal problems. However, retaining a lawyer to help you navigate any legal process can offer more than piece of mind, it can make all the difference in your case. In a criminal case it may be the difference between jail or no jail and in a civil case, the difference is a financial one.

The most common question is, “What will it cost me to hire an attorney?” This is not a straightforward question to answer as it is based on the unique circumstances of the client. While most lawyers do vary in price and some offer payment plans, the value of an attorney outweighs the cost. An attorney is trained to review your circumstances as compared to the law. Based on this review, the attorney will develop recommendations and discuss these with you for you to make a decision on a course of action.

While not all lawyers provide free consultations, it is something worth asking about. In this consultation ask the attorney about his/her experience, communication style, and expectations of the process as well as outline the details of your case. During your consultation, they will talk with you about your unique situation and provide some idea of how they can help and how much it will cost.

There is no risk in talking with an attorney when the consultation is free.

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